UCC Seminar: Pressures of the Physician

On 15th November 2018, Yvonne Joyce, Partner in Litigation at CKT, attended a seminar in UCC’s The Cavanagh Pharmacy Building as a guest speaker on some of the issues facing doctors and medical students. The joint Medical Society and Law Society event investigated doctor’s welfare including career burnout and general wellbeing.

Yvonne spoke on how physicians find themselves involved in the area of Healthcare law, including their role as a witness, inquests and recent trends in medical negligence litigation. She also discussed the recent Dr. Bawa Garba judgment from the UK.

Other speakers included Dr. Zeshan Qureshi, a London based paediatrician, who spoke about the importance of good mental health, particularly amongst healthcare professionals and Dr. Íde DeLargy, Clinical Lead of the Practitioners Health Matters Programme, who spoke about the supports available to physicians who may have mental health issues such as stress, anxiety or burnout or who may have a substance misuse problem.