Life as an Intern – Anna McCormack

Tell us a little bit about yourself before you arrived at CKT ?   

I am currently studying for a Bachelor’s of Civil Law (Clinical) at UCC. As part of this degree, I had the opportunity to complete two semesters of work placement in my third year. I began my placement at CKT in September 2022 and was really glad to be able to continue my internship into the summer months. I was recently awarded the Quercus College Scholarship for my year group. This award recognises academic excellence at UCC.

Outside of work, I really enjoy running and baking. Every Saturday, I love to take part in my local parkrun where I meet up with friends.

How did your internship at CKT come about ?

CKT have established links with the law school in UCC and in my second year of study, I applied for an internship at Comyn Kelleher Tobin with the help of my UCC course director. Soon afterwards, I was called for an interview and offered the internship.

I was absolutely delighted to receive this offer as I was aware that Comyn Kelleher Tobin had a significant presence in many different areas of law, which would provide a balanced and complete placement experience. In particular, I was excited to hear about the firm’s expertise in the areas of Medical Negligence and Personal Injury Litigation.

What does a typical day in the office look like for you ?

My experience so far has been that there is no such thing as a typical day. Every day presents with different tasks and events.  Most days in the office include some administrative tasks that are shared between interns, trainees, and other employees on a rota basis. For example, this could include scanning in the morning post.

Aside from this, the work is very varied. I am currently working in the Medical Negligence department, where my work has included drafting correspondence, working on discovery projects, liaising with expert witnesses, drafting affidavits, and reviewing and chronologising medical records.

I have also had the role of researching legal queries that arise in a variety of departments. This has been rewarding as it has broadened my field of interest into more niche areas of law, which I would otherwise be unlikely to come across.

I am part of the CKT CSR Committee, which organises social and charitable events. We recently organised a bake-off as part of our fundraiser for the Calcutta Run. It was so much fun and also was successful in raising money for charity.

What do you most admire about your colleagues ?

I most admire my colleagues’ inclusiveness and willingness to help others. There is a developed culture in CKT of including interns and trainees in many different areas of law and types of work. I have found that the solicitors, secretaries, and trainees are incredibly patient and helpful whenever I have a question about the work I am completing. This allows me to work in a manner that is educational for me, and more efficient for those who have given me a task.

What has been your favourite part of your time at CKT to date ?

I recently was given the opportunity to attend a mediation in which a case was settled. This was a fascinating experience for me which provided a window into a complex and significant event for the parties involved.

Is there any advice that you would give university students looking for internships ?

Give yourself time to reflect about what you love about studying law; what subjects you have loved the most and why, and what you are most excited to learn. These genuine passions will shine through in your CV and interview answers.