CKT sign Law Society Gender Equality Diversity and Inclusion Charter

Comyn Kelleher Tobin are delighted to sign the Law Society Gender Equality Diversity and Inclusion (GEDI) charter. We actively support gender equality and have made much progress in this space over the years. We believe in leading a gender equal, diverse, and inclusive organisation, and we are proud to do so.

As a signatory of the Law Society GEDI Charter, we will treat all individuals and groups of individuals fairly and equally and no less favourably, specific to their needs, in areas of gender, civil status, family status, sexual orientation, religion, age, race, class, disability or membership of the Traveller Community. As such, we will:

  • Recognise the individual needs of those we employ and support them to develop to their full potential.
  • Ensure equal access to opportunities for those we employ.
  • Ensure our policies, procedures and processes promote gender equality, diversity and inclusion.
  • Carry out our work without bias, in a respectful and non-discriminatory manner.
  • Build awareness and understanding of the benefits of promoting gender equality, diversity and inclusion.

Nadine Murphy, Office and HR Manager, Comyn Kelleher Tobin, will lead our commitment to meeting the GEDI Charter.

Deborah Moore, Managing Partner, commented: “Our firm has always shown a real commitment to ensuring that we lead a positive working environment where gender equality, diversity and inclusion is continuously fostered and promoted. I am proud of the efforts of our team in promoting and encouraging this commitment. It is fantastic to see so many firms get behind the Law Society in signing and committing to this charter.”

Further information about The Law Society GEDI Charter can be found here.