Child Protection – Review of Law and Policy Developments

On 16th December 2020, the 13th Annual report of the Special Rapporteur on Child Protection was released.

The report consists of a review of law and policy developments in the area of child protection over 2019, and is the first report to be submitted by Professor Conor O’Mahony. Professor O'Mahony was appointed to the position of Special Rapporteur in July 2019.

The report conducts an in-depth examination into 3 key areas, of issues arising from the ongoing review of the Child Care Act 1991:

  • Significantly, the report details regulations for reform of the law governing the investigation into historical child sexual abuse allegations and makes detailed recommendations for reform into the framework governing this aspect of Tusla’s work.
  • Further, the report details research carried out into voluntary care in Ireland, a far reaching empirical study into voluntary care agreements pursuant to section 4 of the Child Care Act.
  • Child participation in court proceedings is also examined in light of proposals to reform of the law setting down the appointment and the functions of the Guardian Ad Litem.

The final chapter details court proceedings and research in the area of child protection law in Ireland.

The report contains 5 chapters in total and is available here.

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